Seeing your childhood heroes get older

dave_mustaine_zurich.jpgBack in March, I went to Megadeth’s concert in Z├╝rich. Megadeth were my childhood heroes during their Rust in Peace era, and I still consider RIP one of thrash metal’s best albums.

It was a surprising gig for me. I’d never seen Megadeth live before, and the Megadeth at the (hopelessly overcrowded) Rohstofflager wasn’t the same as the band I used to know. None of the RIP-era members except Dave are still in the band, and Dave Mustaine is what keeps it all together. No offense neant, but the others just seem like remote-controlled robots.

They did play some of my favorites, like Tornado of Souls and Hangar 18, but the show was really hampered by the awful sound. I’ve heard people complain about the Rohstofflager’s horrible equipment before, but I hadn’t expected this. The guitars were muffled, the room was way too small for the drums and Dave’s vocals disappeared completely every few seconds. Not such a happy event.

Then there’s the fact of Megadave. His crazy red hair makes him look younger, but there’s still something eerie about seeing how old the people seem that in your mind are never older than 22. It’s not that he has no energy, but he’s just not the Dave that fits in a thrash metal band anymore, at least to me.

What a weird evening. I’d been offered 200 Francs for my ticket, twice, before even getting to the venue. I think I should’ve sold it.

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