Study confirms that "pirates" aren't killing the music biz

The Reg is posting a totally interesting survey that goes some way towards confirming what we’ve been saying since 1998 or so.

When the music industry wakes up and stops being the knee-jerk lawsuit-wielding political lobbyist it is right now, we might get some constructive discussions out of them and help them save their failing business model. The study shows that most people do not “pirate” music and, guess what, the paid-for listening and download services are actually used. By real people.

Once Big Content had removed their idiotic DRM schemes, people started trusting those services and signed up, happy to pay as much (or more) for music as they did when it mostly came on CD.

Why did we see this already in the 90s and the music industry still hasn’t realized it 10 years later? It is a slow behemoth, but even many indie labels seem to be late to the party, and those should be small and agile. Maybe if they replaced the old farts in charge of the music licensing bodies, they could move faster and at least be on time for the next media shift, whenever and to whatever that will be. It would be more useful for them than playing crybaby again when history repeats.

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