I'm still not surprised people download rather than buying

A little anecdote: I wanted to get whole seasons of Dexter, Mad Men and Breaking Bad for someone in my family, but they would have to be dubbed in German since this person doesn’t understand English. Since this person also just received some new hardware with a Blu-Ray drive and has a flat-screen TV, I thought it’d be great to buy those series as season packs on Blu-Ray, German version. I already had the HDTV rips in English, but it’d be nice to look at a German Blu-Ray version switched to English just to compare quality.

My cheerful shopping spree received a shotgun blast to the face from the entertainment industry only a few minutes later, because none of those series can be bought. Germany only makes DVD versions of this, no HD, no Blu-Ray. If you want the stuff in HD you have to… well, I guess you have to learn English and order the UK Blu-Ray versions.

So yet again I’m standing here, ready to give cash to the entertainment industry, but the entertainment industry incapable of receiving it. If they stopped moaning constantly and would untangle the horrible mess that is their regional licensing model, they might actually make more money. And who would want that, eh?

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