Diary of a year of not buying video games (or books): September 2016

Last month I told you about my magical rediscovery of console gaming. I had been so focused on PC that I had completly ignored entire generations of console games. I got cut off at the early days of the Wii. Now what I discovered was:

  1. I really enjoy the Wii titles that have a childlike appearance but some tough core gameplay. All those colors! Super Mario Galaxy! It’s not just grey and brown and somber like the PC titles are sometimes.
  2. I don’t know even half the good titles that came out for the Game Cube, and there are some unique ones there.
  3. I’ve missed most of the good PS2 stuff, and all of the good PS3 stuff.
  4. Guitar Hero was real fun. Why did I stop playing Guitar Hero? Why did I never pick up Rock Band and the drum set?

All of these needed to be remedied. So in a very desperate move, I dug into the PS3 scene just as the PS3 is dying. Dying or dead consoles are the best for collecting, and I’d put this under the heading “collecting”. Once they’re no longer popular, you can get used games for single-digit prices. Some of them are even collections. I bought God of War 1 – 5 in a big set for USD 12, for example, and that’s the remastered HD edition for PS3.

A PS3 slim with 30 of the most impressive games sets you back less than €200 right now. How can I not use this moment in time? If I wait, things become rarer and more expensive. So I dropped some of the money I made from selling my entire previous collection on a PS3 with huge piles of excellent titles. I have this platform’s entire history to play. And I noticed how much I like buying physical products — it gives you much better feedback on what you’ve actually  bought.

It also doesn’t trigger any of the urges that I was fighting. I don’t buy many digital titles on PS3, and I don’t keep looking for sales like I used to for PC games. This feels completely different.

This resets my challenge timer, though. No more new games until September 12, 2017. I feel that what I was doing here has more or less worked, my game-buying urge is cured, plus my joy of gaming has returned. I consider this a success despite not living up to my expectations and will present you with a conclusion and a few hints for fellow game-buying addicts in a week or two. Maybe some of what I’ve noticed going on in my mind can help you enjoy gaming again as well.

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    1. Yes, I had those sitting around and unplayed for a long time. But the conclusion to this for now is coming in two weeks, in one sense I failed my challenge but I got joy from gaming again. +12 months on the timer though. It’s a disgrace how Nintendo’s quality and achievements go unnoticed, I think I find this out every time I get to contrast some other titles directly with Ninty stuff. Then again, they did do some cheap rehashes as well, so maybe people got wary.

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