Something for the weekend: Week 47, 2017

These are some longer things I’ve read this week. I don’t guarantee that they’re new, just that I found them interesting:

  1. Android at 10 part one, part two. As Android turns ten, Google is moving away from Linux and towards their own Fuchsia kernel. What might the next ten years of Android look like?
  2. Super Mario Odyssey review by Digitiser2000’s Mr Biffo. It sums up pretty much what I think about the new mechanics, and also calls out Mario for being a sexist pig. Don’t take this as virtue signaling, but yes, Nintendo might need to work on this when the only game starring Princess Peach is basically a pre-menstrual mood swing simulator with a far too easy  jump’n’run wrapped around it. You know, for girls! Girls can’t play video games! lololol!
  3. Google tracks and sells your location even if you’ve disabled location services. The surprise is probably that anyone’s surprised. Now that the company was caught red-handed doing this, will they promise to stop? I don’t think so, since Silicon Valley believes in “self-regulation” — thus no regulation at all. That we may have to thank Oracle for revealing this doesn’t make it any less bizarre.
  4. Microsoft appears to have lost the source code for parts of Office. And this is the same company that some governments trust with their sensitive data. Why doesn’t Microsoft publish all their software under a FOSS license? It’s like Linus Torvalds is rumored to have said, “Backups are for wimps. Real men upload their data to an FTP site and have everyone else mirror it.”
  5. Ideas were not enough. Not the reformation alone brought religious freedom to western societies, but the fact that enforcing religious unity was becoming too expensive and politically cumbersome for the rulers.
  6. Stress can be good for you, but most toxic stress has measurable detrimental effects on your brain. The article explores the damage stress causes down to the physical level and gives some hints for post-stress recovery. Daily walks and meditation are mentioned. I’ve had episodes of stress and trauma leading to generalized anxiety (as the article also mentions) and I can say that meditation definitely can’t hurt.

I’d be delighted if some of that tickled your curiosity.

2 thoughts on “Something for the weekend: Week 47, 2017”

  1. All seem interesting, but the last one hit home for me. I am under mountains of stress right now at work, at home, and with extra curricular responsibilities. I have night sweats, have become anemic (despite a very healthy diet and working out 3-5 times a week) and I think its the stress that’s killing me.

    Going to read that now. Thank you.

    1. The article covers a lot of the physiological side but doesn’t have that much about the psychological one. But I must’ve read dozens such articles over the years, I’ll go dig around my history to see if I can compile some.

      I can put together an article with four or five hints of what helped me best. But the most important revelation for me was that in order to heal stress and truly recover, you have to get rid of the prime stressor. And maybe some secondary stressors after that. For me that meant some deep changes in personal life, changing jobs, moving, etc.

      The tricks would help coping, but the base sickness wouldn’t really get any better before I made those changes.

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