I passed the CPE test!

Look what Cambridge’s exam results site just said to me:

![CPE Grade A](http://terror.snm-hgkz.ch/blog/files/cpe.png)

Whee! So now I may officially wield my stupefying linguistic prowess like a weapon. A weapon of *words*!

But seriously: Now Swiss employers will finally believe me when I claim to know English. In Switzerland, you’re not taken seriously without diplomas and certificates. If you mention your amazing handstand abilities in your CV but fail to provide written proof, no boss will ever believe that you can do a handstand. Even if you walk to your interview on your palms. In front of them.

The .fi is the friend of the lactose-intolerant!

There’s barely any milk product that you can’t get lactose-free in Finland! We bought [pseudo-Emmentaler](http://terror.snm-hgkz.ch/photos/v/holidays/tre2k6/CIMG3814.JPG.html) cheese yesterday, and there’s Gouda too, as well as all sorts of ice cream. Generally, most Valio products are [lactose-free](http://terror.snm-hgkz.ch/photos/v/holidays/tre2k6/CIMG3806.JPG.html). Finland is like some sort of fairyland happy-place for lactose-intolerant people, only with considerably less fairies and more beer.

Happiness is me!

First photos from Tampere

I’ve started putting my holiday pictures into [an album](http://terror.snm-hgkz.ch/photos/v/holidays/tre2k6). No drunken Finns in any of them yet, but I do have some snapshots of the amazingly scarce resource that is Finnish woods!

Random trivia: Took about 3 hours by plane from ZĂĽrich to Helsinki, where I had a [salad](http://terror.snm-hgkz.ch/photos/v/holidays/tre2k6/CIMG3717.JPG.html) with Jon. Later I found low-lactose cappucino at a [Robert’s Coffee](http://terror.snm-hgkz.ch/photos/v/holidays/tre2k6/CIMG3721.JPG.html) at the Helsinki train station. Quite yummy! From there I took the train to Tampere, another 2 hours or so.

I think the next 200 or so pictures will be of 1. GameCube gaming sessions, 2. drunken people and 3. trees. So if you have a vivid enough imagination, you won’t even have to look at that album anymore 🙂