Buenzli 15: Explosive

The [Buenzli](http://www.buenz.li) demoparty takes place every year in Winterthur.

I spent a very nice Saturday late-afternoon-to-evening there yesterday and even took a few [pictures](http://terror.snm-hgkz.ch/photos/v/festivals/buenzli15/). The atmosphere was cheerful (“Gude LAUNE!!!”) and everyone seems to have had a ball, or perhaps two. Some quite amazing demos came up in the PC Demo and 64k compos. I can’t remember the names off-hand, but at least two were very avant-garde while at the same time retaining some old-school elements and spirit. One of them was by Lapsen, so much I know.

To my own disappointment, I liked the oldschooliest demo best, Brainstorm’s Old’s Cool 🙂

In case you don’t know what demos are, perhaps this [Wikipedia entry](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demoscene) will be useful.

Update: Here are this year’s [entries from scene.org](http://www.scene.org/dir.php?dir=/parties/2006/buenzli06/). And Lapsen’s Dream of a Scapegoat won the jury prize as demo, so I wasn’t far off the mark there 🙂