Buenzli 15: Explosive

The [Buenzli](http://www.buenz.li) demoparty takes place every year in Winterthur.

I spent a very nice Saturday late-afternoon-to-evening there yesterday and even took a few [pictures](http://terror.snm-hgkz.ch/photos/v/festivals/buenzli15/). The atmosphere was cheerful (“Gude LAUNE!!!”) and everyone seems to have had a ball, or perhaps two. Some quite amazing demos came up in the PC Demo and 64k compos. I can’t remember the names off-hand, but at least two were very avant-garde while at the same time retaining some old-school elements and spirit. One of them was by Lapsen, so much I know.

To my own disappointment, I liked the oldschooliest demo best, Brainstorm’s Old’s Cool 🙂

In case you don’t know what demos are, perhaps this [Wikipedia entry](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demoscene) will be useful.

Update: Here are this year’s [entries from scene.org](http://www.scene.org/dir.php?dir=/parties/2006/buenzli06/). And Lapsen’s Dream of a Scapegoat won the jury prize as demo, so I wasn’t far off the mark there 🙂

Back from Cebit

I’m [back][3] from the [Cebit 2006][1] trade fair in Hannover. We saw nice, flat new [Shuttle mini-PCs][4], ridiculously overpowered graphics cards, RFID passports and entire boatfuls of Asian people. Also, we tried to talk to those responsible for putting browsers and mail clients on mobile phones at Samsung, Nokia etc., because it would be great if those phones had the [CAcert][2] root certificate built-in.

(And people dressed in long beige coats tried to sell us code. In any language! C, C+, JavaScript, C-, PHP, VB.net, C#, Forth, C$… Any language! Those wacky Indians. But we did take their pamphlets.)

[1]: http://www.cebit.de/ “Cebit 2006”
[2]: http://www.cacert.org/ “CAcert”
[3]: http://terror.snm-hgkz.ch/photos/v/holidays/cebit06/ “Photos from Cebit 2006”
[4]: http://www.mini-itx.com/2006/03/09/shuttles-xpc-mini-x100 “Shuttle’s XPC x100”