MonthSeptember 2016

Mass Effect 2

The first aid dispensers in this game have a white cross on them (but no red background), so I was initially disappointed. But when I actually grabbed a first aid kit (or “medi-gel”) from one, I was relieved to see that it bears the Swiss banner:


The Swiss must be a spacefaring nation in this scenario. Taking over the healthcare sector of the universe in their majestic rocket-fueled Toblerone bars.

First aid kits by Godmar

These Polish first aid kits proudly wear the Swiss flag:


I hope the new government doesn’t take them behind the shed to shoot them for treason.


While the hospital in this scene in the series Archer has a red cross, the ambulance has a Swiss flag. This is surprising for the show, which is normally known to get a lot of cultural stuff right, with the random bits of Spanish, Portuguese and German spoken often making sense, and even a joke about learning Rumantsch (my mother tongue) while flying to Switzerland for a job: