MonthJanuary 2018

Battlefield 1 (again)

If you’ve been reading the stupidity that I publish here, you might have noticed that it’s often the biggest companies who make the most mistakes putting Swiss flags on medical items in games. Sometimes these companies even have offices in Switzerland, being multinational and all. It’s no different this time: Battlefield 1 has all med packs emblazoned with the flag of Switzerland:

Might be hard to see there, because like so many FPS games that take themselves seriously, Battlefield 1 is just a mix of browns and greens. But in the screenshot you can witness YouTuber TheBrokenMachine throwing a small burlap sack of Swiss chocolates to his squad mates.

Since Switzerland wasn’t part of World War 1, I guess it’s only fair for us to supply delicious truffe pralinés to the frontlines. Nothing better when you’re choking to death from poison gas than to poke your tongue through the shell and dig out that soft, sweet ganache filling.


Ooooh, Blizzard. Cheeky little Blizzard! I see what you did there. In their game Overwatch, Blizzard cunningly sidestep any flag confusion by basing a medic character called Mercy in Zürich, Switzerland. That way they can use the Swiss flag on her, which Americans foolishly believe is a medical symbol, yet Blizzard remain completely correct in their symbology:

They even got the flag proportions more or less right. Very clever indeed.