MonthMarch 2019

The Red Lantern

In this game, your sled dogs get mauled by a bear, but not to worry: You have a pack of Swiss playing cards with you to pass the time.

These cards will probably be used to play Jass. Not sure how you play that with just one person, but maybe the developer, Timberline Studio, knows. Screenshot stolen from Nintendo.

Bomber Crew

Not much to say here except to drop some praise: The first aid chests have the correct colors! Hurray! See them smack dab in the middle of this screenshot:

Screenshot stolen from Mack’s review.

Dying Light

I have to retract my praise for this game and turn it into blame! While the medkits in the game are not actually shown and their icon is black and white in the inventory, first aid storage cupboards at least use the correct colors on their labels:

No crosses on the first aid cupboards, but the correct combination of green and white

But pharmacies are labeled with the Swiss national flag, even in the square shape:

I didn’t have the patience to wait for the light to hit that sign. The only thing that’s wrong with this Swiss flag is that the ratio between the cross and the rest is messed up. The cross is slightly oversized. Other than that, stellar job marking the Swiss embassy (and disguising it as a pharmacy, no less!)


The developers of digging simulator Volcanoids were clearly impressed by Swiss engineering, particularly the construction of the world’s longest tunnel that we finished in 2016. The Swiss enjoy drilling holes into mountains just as much as into cheese. That’s why in Volcanoids, you get little tubes filled with Swiss chocolate and labeled with the Swiss flag to refill your health:

Not a very Swiss environment, but Swiss chocolate can still heal you here

Screenshot stolen from Hex DSL’s video on the game.