MonthJuly 2019

Doom Eternal

Looks like in order to combat demons from hell, the Doom developers thought to airdrop messenger bags probably filled with Swiss bricks of instant fondue onto the battlefield:

Ready-made fondue bags in Doom Eternal

I find this rather unfortunate, since every Swiss person knows that freshly made fondue with your own selection of cheeses, with or without Kirsch and matched to the right sort of white wine is the best. Ready-made supermarket stuff can never quite compete. It’s almost as bad as ready-made rösti!

What a disappointment, Bethesda.

John Oliver

As a former European, John should know better:

Switzerland is not actually that cold all the time, so this method of delivering laundered money wouldn’t even work in summer.

Stranger Things 3: The Game (and also the series)

Now lookie here, even though transatlantic shipping was considerably more expensive in the 80s than it is now, our kids in Stranger Things 3 heal themselves using entire suitcases of imported Swiss chocolate (bottom left next to the character portrait):

This is not the first time the Stranger Things team makes this mistake, look at the lifeguard fanny pack Eleven and Max find:

You can clearly see that this isn’t watertight. It would never keep your Swiss chocolate in edible shape. Boo. Boo, Netflix. 10 points docked for ruining our suspension of disbelief.