MonthSeptember 2019

Pokémon GO Safari Montréal

At this happening, Nintendo and Niantic seem to have included small booths selling Swiss traditional goods such as carvings of cows:

Only on closer inspection of the map do we realize that we’ve been duped: Those aren’t Swiss pavillions, they’re just mislabeled first aid tents.

Add insult to injury that this is all happening in Parc Jean-Drapeau. Drapeau! Get it?

Stolen from a video by Le Jeu C’est Sérieux.

Mars: War Logs

Oh boy, they even smuggled our chocolate up to Mars in huge boxes:

Martian chocolate is probably hard to cultivate, given the climate.

Gregory Horror Show

This PS2 classic has Swiss lizard nurses:

See what’s wrong with that picture? Yeah, it’s the heart on her little hat. Swiss people have no heart. There’s just laundered dictator money where the heart’s supposed to be.


Eurogamer’s latest article proudly displays the Swiss national emblem:

Which is actually quite unfortunate, since it’s not about the Swiss gaming industry at all but about the unrelated topic of health items in games.

Shame on you, Eurogamer, you should know Europe better than that.