Killing Floor

In the game Killing Floor, there is a medic that is equipped with a Swiss syringe that allows him to inject a dosage of Kirsch or maybe heroin produced by Swiss pharmaceutical companies right into the veins of the injured, making them forget their pain and battle zombies with more drug-enduced enthusiasm:

While I very much appreciate the choice of Swiss drugs for this, we should never forget that other countries also produce nice things. Who wouldn’t like Hungarian Tokaj or some wonderful Somalian Khat? So I’d understand if residents of other countries felt treated unfairly by developer Tripwire Interactive’s singling out of the Swiss here and giving them such a proud place in the game.

Silent Hill Book of Memories

Shame on developer WayForward, a household name for anyone who has ever owned any handheld game systems, for introducing a Swiss flag into the world of Silent Hill:

See it there in the lower right corner, next to a wrench and some bullets? Does that mean a box of Swiss milk chocolate is supposed to go on your tool belt when dealing with monster infestations? I’m confused.

+RED Energy Drink

An American company makes energy drinks with the Swiss flag as part of their logo:

I asked them why that is but have yet to hear back. If they tried to sell these in Switzerland, they’d have to change the logo, since only Swiss products may carry the Swiss flag.


Upcoming run-and-gun 80s synthwave extravaganza Huntdown is already pleasing me immensely without ever having played it. Because the developers Easy Trigger Games used the correct colors for first-aid kits:

We went from one single praise post per year to several a month now. I’m not sure if this is pure chance so I reached out to Easy Trigger Games to ask them about it.

Tommy Gustafsson from Easy Trigger had this to say: “We do not leave anything for chance. And off course we would never misuse the Swiss flag, isn’t this common sense? 🙂 We are also tired of people around the world mixing up Switzerland with Sweden, which is the country we come from. And no, there ain’t no ice bears here neither!”

That goes to show, meticulous developers will always get it right. Thanks, Tommy,  for the inside information!

Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure

If you know this blog, you know that there is very little reason to praise game developers, since most of them get the first-aid kit colors wrong. But not this one. Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure by Prospect Games even uses correctly colored first-aid kits in this promo shot, look in the lower right corner:

They’re also that way in the game. Hats off to you, Prospect Games.

Shadow Warrior Classic Redux

The developers of Shadow Warrior Classic Redux made a mistake: They gave Lo Wang an Asian name, perhaps Chinese, when he is clearly Swiss. How else do you explain that his health increasees every time he eats a Swiss diplomat’s suitcase?

Wolfenstein: The New Order

This game isn’t from this year, but it’s this year’s second occasion for praise, since I only noticed it now. Look at that, a first-aid kit that has the correct colors:


Some developers are better than others. You, MachineGames, are better than most!

911 Operator

Dear readers, it’s the first miracle of the year and probably proof that the Flying Spaghetti Monster is lovingly fondling us with its noodly appendage: a game developer has got a first aid kit right. I repeat: For what is probably the first time in 15 years, a game developer has managed to get a first aid kit right.

Look here, in this screenshot of 911 Operator, taken from Mack’s video on the same:


Look there on the right side, in “shops”. What do you see there in the fourth position? That’s right, a first aid kit. And what are the proper colors for first aid kits? Is it a white cross on red background? No! That’d be a Swiss flag. Is it a red cross on white background? No! That’d be the emblem of the International Committee of the Red Cross. What’s that you’re saying? White and green? That’s right!

White and green, my friends, white and green. This is bringing tears to my eyes. Jutsu Games, I must praise you. Praise Jutsu Games for something that most game developers find very hard to do: Picking the correct colors. And praise the Flying Spaghetti Monster for creating Jutsu Games.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands

In this game, you play a group a soldiers trying to extract Swiss drug money from Bolivia. The money is in containers like this:


They made them red so they’re easier to spot and put Swiss flags on them so you don’t accidentally take some other country’s drug money. Thanks, Mack, for the video I stole this screenshot from.

The Wild Eight

In this cold and dark survival game, it sure is useful that you can pick up briefcases full of ready-made Swiss fondue, here even hotkeyed to key number 5: