Vox' video on painkillers

Vox’ video about opioid-based painkillers being responsible for an increasing number of deaths in the USA contains this bizarre scene that probably says something about marijuana bread in Switzerland:


After all, French is one of Switzerland’s national languages and “pain” means bread. Maybe they’re trying to say that baking marijuana into bread is legal in Switzerland and could lead to steel briefcases full of money, but I’d like to warn them at this point. Possession of more than 10 grams of pot is still fined in Switzerland, and cannabis trade is illegal.

So Vox’ business idea with the Swiss weed bread isn’t that great. Maybe they should try in Uruguay instead, where it’s legal. Here, I’ll fix that graphic for them:


Dear Vox, if you want to hire me to fix all your graphics, check the about page for my email!

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